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API Governance using API Management Solutions


API Governance using API Management Solutions

API Governance using API Management Solutions


The number of companies integrating APIs with applications and systems is growing by the day. According to the Cloud Elements 2018 State of API Integration report, 61% of the API industry professionals surveyed think that API integration is critical to their business strategy, and 57% said that they consider their organization a platform provider.


For companies actively deploying API-driven business strategies, governance is a necessity.

Governance is especially beneficial for organizations that have an API design program or microservices architectures. 

The Primary Goal of API Governance: Consistency

The number of companies that consider themselves a platform provider is increasing, and so is the number of companies building APIs and applications. And the larger an organization becomes, the greater number of APIs the company will likely build and consume. Applications built by organizations often use both internal and third-party APIs.

Who needs API governance?

Simply put, API governance is important for any organization implementing an API First strategy, where APIs are core to their transformation to a digital business. It’s also vital for anyone planning to, or already implementing a distributed microservices environment.

There’s one use case in particular where API governance is absolutely critical – large enterprises. If you’re a large enterprise, you’re likely scaling to 1000s of APIs that encapsulate your business capabilities. Done in a properly governed way, you end up with a portfolio of business building blocks that can help differentiate you digitally, instead of a handful of well-documented public APIs in an API portal.

There’s also a regulatory/compliance aspect to the need for API governance. We’re also seeing a growing trend of internal and ad hoc governance reporting, especially for API security and provider/consumer relationships.



Our NBFC Framework comprises of 

·Best practices and standard Lending workflow

·Our proven ready to use Solutions covering Critical stages of Lending journey for NBFCs, Housing Finance companies, banks and other lender

·Integration framework and API Gateways to connect with external services providers and 3rd party applications


Transdigital Solutions through Lending Journey

·Sales CRM

·Customer Onboarding and Mobile CAS

·Customer Portal & App

·Credit Scoring Engine 

·verified Sanction Journey and Digital LOS

·ChatABOT for customer engagement 



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