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NBFC Framework

TransLending Overview

Finance industry has traditionally been a early adopter of technology. Thanks to strong regulatory frameworks and advent of innovative online services and service providers Financial Institutions are in a position to leverage digital platforms for operational efficiencies, market outreach and faster response time.
Transdigital has worked with some of India's leading NBFCs and Housing Finance companies helping them build and launch their business on cutting edge digital technologies and platforms. 
Leveraging our years of experience in Lending business and with our strong focus on contemporary technologies and digital platforms, we have built our own "NBFC Framework".
Our NBFC Framework comprises of 
  • Reference Enterprise Architecture for NBFCs and Lending service providers.
  • Fully functional implementation of Baseline Lending journey  leveraging our NFC Architecture and set of home grown solutions 
  • Integration framework and API Gateways to connect with external services providers and 3rd party applications

Architecture and Solution Components

  • Ready to use Framework with tested & proven Architecture
  • Modular Architecture - choice of solution components based on client needs and budget
  • Core Components of the Framework
    • Verified Sanction Journey and Digital Loan Origination Journey
    • Customer Onboarding and Mobile CAS
    • Customer Portal & App
    • Sales CRM
    • ChatABOT for customer engagement 
    • RPA
    • Integration with 3rd Party Services through API Gateway
Features & Functionalities

Reference Architecture for Lending Business

Boot strap your business on state of the art Digital platform by leveraging our Reference Architecture tailored for NBFC business

Fully functional ready-to-deploy Implementation

You can seamlessly Integrate industry standard COTS products, our own in-house solutions and custom built applications seamlessly using our Reference Architecture
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Service Oriented Architecture

Integrate 3rd party systems and partners with your business using Service Oriented Architecture and scalable Microservice based implementation

Ready to deploy integrations with 3rd party services and Fintech service providers

Tested and proven with leading payment gateway interfaces for easy payment options
Key Benefits

Faster Time to Market

Reduced Capex and TCO

Reduced Operational Expenses

Improvement in Employee Productivity

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