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Digital Transformation

Transform your business operations with seamless digital solutions.

what we offer

Digital transformation is no longer a choice. Now with remote workers and customers, it is the only way to survive. To achieve true benefits of Digital transformation, organizations need to rethink fundamental business processes and take a customer-centric view while leveraging technology to drive the journey. It requires a strong digital business strategy that puts the customer-centric mindset at the core of the business and helps define the blueprint for digital transformation initiatives

what's in it for you

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Digital Business Strategy
  • Business Model Generation & - Business Process Re-engineering
  • Information architecture and delivery channels based on stakeholders
  • Omnichannel digital content delivery
  • Role and location based access to application and data
  • Centralized and de-centralized user management
  • Organization wide policies to manage digital assests and data
  • Security policies
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Digital Experience Design
Transdigital's  Omnichannel Digital experience  empowers organizations to deliver Intuitive, consistent and personalized user experience across channels of the customer’s choice.
  • Digitally Enhanced Omnichannel Experiences
  • Augmented Customer Understanding
  • Helps client build highly Customized Offerings & Recommendations
  • Using best software engineering and Architecture practices to build scalable, decoupled and modular applications
  • Separate UI/UX layer allowing client to build his own personalized and branded User Experience
Our Digital Products and Platforms
  • Digial Customer Onboarding Platform (DCOB) 
  • Mobile Customer Acquisition System  (mCAS)
  • Customer Experience Portal  (CEP)
  • Digital Loan Origination System
  • API Store - Secure and Ready to use Integrations with Fintech services
  • Digital Smartcard Contract
Digital Enabled Application
Digital enabled applications are relentlessly driving the changes in the modern workspace and creating new avenues of growth. Reimagine your application estate to ensure product and service quality, enhance operational efficiency, and boost profits. Enable application-centric innovation and transformation  into the future of digital business
  • Portal Content Management platform development
  • Product Re-engineering (Legacy to Digital)
  • Bespoke Digital Enabled Application development
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We enable your automation journey by engineering the right solutions using a range of technologies, from RPA to intelligent automation and more.
  • Low Code Application Development
  • Empower the customer by Reducing IT skills dependency and unlock the power of digital transformation
  • Deploy highly intelligent chatbots for typed and vocal interactions. Capture the true intent of the customer through context and non-verbal cues.
  • Digital Process Automation (DPA)
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