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Cloud native software Applications & platforms

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what we offer

TDT provides end-to-end digital solutions for all your business needs from technology consulting to support services. With a special focus on the Financial Services industry, TDT is dedicated and responsible for a smooth, faster, reliable and secure digital transformation.

what's in it for you

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Setting up Infrastructure on Cloud
We help Enterprises, SMEs and Startups to launch their business with Enterprise quality Infrastructure on Public Cloud. We offer:
  • Infrastructure Architecture tailor made for clients business applications
  • Provisioning Secure Virtual Private cloud 
  • Provisioning Infrastructure assets and resources with optimum utimlization and scalability
  • Serverless Architecture, Managed Database and Security Services
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Cloud Managed Services
  • Management of Cloud Infrastructure to reduce operational overhead and help businesses focus on product innovation.
  • We do it by managing common services with optimum resource utilization leveraging cloud native functionalities such as Auto-scaling, Database as-a-services.
  • We automate common activities, such as change requests, monitoring, patch management, security, and backup services, and provide 24x7 support model to provision, run and support cloud infrastructure.
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Cloud Migration
We help organizations migrate their infrastructure from traditonal On-premise set up to Cloud.
  • Standard lift-and-shift approach
  • Re-engineering Cloud infrastructure to leverage cloud native features for maximum scalability and flexibility
Cloud Security
  • Security Token Service and Identity and Access Management
  • Secure storage and Encryption
  • Secure subnet and protection
  • API Management
  • Web Access Firewall
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