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low code platform

TransFlow Overview
Transflow is our Intelligent low code platform, with a built-in Workflow Engine, Process modeler and Rule engine.
We have taken a modular and component based approach for the entire exercise of Enterprise application Development.
The platform comes ready with
- Highly configurable and user friendly Process modelling tool
- BPMN2 compliant workflow engine
- Highly modular and scalable services layer which comprises of exhaustive set of Microservice 
- Widgets and Web components for User friendly and drag and drop UI 
An Intelligent low code platform, with a built-in rule engine.Design and automate applications through visual interfaces, such as Graphical User Interface (GUI), rather than text coding.​
Architecture Overview
  • Transflow, our low-code application development platform facilitates 
    • Business user participation in the business process modeling ​
    • Leverage our Robust Orchestration engine to transform the business processes into customer centric, Intuitive and highly user friendly applications
    • Mobile and Web friendly interfaces
  • ​Ready to use Business Use case and templates
  • Integration with industry standard Business Rule Engines.
  • Deploy business rules from our available set of libraries or build and integrate your own business rules with the application
Features and functionalities

Design complex Workflows

Design your business processes using industry standard industry compliant work flow tool


Build Complex Business Rules

Implement complex Business rules on our Business Rule Engine or bring your own Business Rule Engine which can be integrated with Transflow with  APIs


Import Designs/API Collections From External Entities

Integrate your Business Process and Application with 3rd party service providers, KYC services, Credit bureaus using secure APIs


Ready to use UI Components

Customize our ready to use User Interface/ Web Components to create highly user friendly and intuitive User experience

Key Benefits

Collaborative development with business user

Reduced Development efforts due to reusablity

Faster time to market

Multi-channel user experience 

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