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Financial Technologies

Opening up of Banking segment and government’s push for financial inclusion by promoting small banks, NBFCs and Microfinance companies is driving the banks and other traditional players to rediscover their business models.

This coupled with robust internet and telecom infrastructure which is further accentuated by proliferation of Low cost Smart phones/ Tablets has promoted financial institutions to embrace new technology paradigms and business processes. New entrants in BFSI/ NBFC space have to carve a niche in..

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CTO Services

Last decade has seen some of the most disruptive changes in Software technologies and the pace of change is increasing by the day.

Internal IT teams have to ensure business continuity and maximum uptime and also look after regulatory and compliance requirements. While doing so, keeping pace with changing technology landscape and harnessing new and often disruptive technologies to enhance organization’s operational effectiveness and competitiveness in the marketplace remains top most priorities of all the CIO/ CEOs.

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Digital Transformation

In today’s digital age, almost every industry is undergoing fundamental changes, as established players are being challenged by new age Internet-based start-ups. Companies which fail to reinvent themselves by innovating new business models around digital platforms are likely to lose to competition.

This requires close collaboration between the business stakeholders and technologist to innovate new business processes and commercial models by leveraging best of both.

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